Zach shares a little about Adventure Smash art.

Howdy Guys and Gals! My name is Zach and I’m an artist at PeopleFun.

I wanted to set aside some time to talk to you about the artistic side of developing our newest game, Adventure Smash!

Zach has been busy pushing pixels for    Adventure Smash   — Our latest adventure

Zach has been busy pushing pixels for
Adventure Smash— Our latest adventure

Adventure Smash is PeopleFun's take on what we love best about match 3 games. While match 3’s are a familiar type of game to many players out there, our goal with Adventure Smash is to put our own spin on the genre and give the players the most satisfying experience possible. What does that mean for the art team? Intriguing locales, exciting opponents and creatures, and awesome rewards!

We’ve already presented our game with 5 exciting chapters, but we don’t want to stop there! For those who are seeking more adventure to smash, we have 5 new chapters in the pipes, and continue to bounce around new ideas for more content as time goes on. While our initial chapters explore various themes and genres, we really want to push the envelope as we continue to develop Adventure Smash by delivering something our players haven’t seen before. Everything, from the map, to the environment, to the enemies are being crafted with the goal of making Adventure Smash live up to its name.

Another artistic goal we are working on is pushing a level of player accomplishment through the game’s art. When you beat a level or win a new item, we want you to really feel a sense of pride when you see that screen pop up. We also want that to carry through to the items that you’ve won. Be they the level stars or consumable items, we want them to glimmer and shine in your inventory and give you a sense of your awesome skills when you look back on your experience in Adventure Smash!

Well, that’s about it for this art update. To wrap it up, I want to say a special thanks to you, the players. All of us here at PeopleFun are hard at work to build games for others to enjoy. Through your feedback and support we can continue to shape our work into something we can really be proud of. So drop us a line and stay tuned!