“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has.”

At PeopleFun we want to work with fun people in small teams and build great games.

Tony Goodman


Tony is a serial entrepreneur and game developer. He attended College at The University of Texas before dropping out to start his first company.

In 1989 Tony co-founded Ensemble Corporation, an enterprise software consultancy, with long-time friend John Boog-Scott. Ensemble became an Inc. 500 company and was acquired by U. S. Web in 1997.

In 1994 he started Ensemble Studios to create PC Games. Ensemble developed Age of Empires which was published by Microsoft. Age of Empires was responsible for making Microsoft a serious contender in the Games industry. Microsoft acquired Ensemble Studios in 2001. Age of Empires went on to be the most successful RTS franchise of all time.

In 2008 Tony co-founded Robot Entertainment. Robot is the creator of PC hit “Orcs Must Die” and iOS hit “Hero Academy”.

In 2011 Tony and Angelo Laudon founded PeopleFun. People Fun is focused on creating character based IP through mobile games.

Angelo Laudon


Angelo has been programming since his childhood and has always had a passion for games. He joined Ensemble Studios when it started in 1994. He was the leader programmer for multiple successful games including Age of Empires and Age of Empires II for the PC and Halo Wars for the Xbox 360. Angelo then joined Robot Entertainment when it started in 2008. There he helped with the initial development of Orcs Must Die. In 2011 Angelo and Tony Goodman founded PeopleFun to create mobile games.

Leon Campise

A serial entrepreneur with three successful exits to public companies, including Timetag, which he founded, led as CEO then sold to Intuit. Leon thrives on the hands-on environment of a start-up, building energized and committed teams, and introducing new and meaningful products and services to the world.

After graduating from Texas A&M with an Information Systems degree from the College of Business, Leon jumped right into the start-up world by joining DPI Software where he built and managed a team that created the best-selling dental office management system in the US at the time, before selling to Fortune 500 company, Henry Schein, Inc. From there, he joined up with John and Tony at Ensemble to build and lead an application development consulting practice which, after the sale to USWeb, grew to over 400 consultants in four cities, focusing on helping companies like Dell, JC Penney, American Airlines and USAA expand their businesses on the Internet.

Getting back into the product world, this is when Leon founded Timetag, Inc. and built a team of specialists that created a patented, online service that sold to Intuit and became part of their QuickBooks product line. After a couple of years at Intuit, Leon left to re-engage in the startup world — with a focus on mobile apps — including initiatives under the umbrella of the Research Valley Innovation Center where he was an Entrepreneur in Residence.

John Boog-Scott

John is a dedicated entrepreneur with a knack for analytical thinking. He loves lean startups and small teams.

John was a founder at Ensemble Studios. He helped recruit and assemble the leadership team that fueled Ensemble Studios incredible success. The game studio created the Age of Empires series for Microsoft and positioned itself as a dominant player in PC gaming. Over 20 Million copies of the Age franchise games have been sold and it is one of the most awarded strategy series of all time. John and the leadership team eventually managed ES’s strategic acquisition by Microsoft.

John started his career at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and left there to form Ensemble, a consulting firm focused on software design and development. He and his partners grew Ensemble from 2 to 70 employees and landed Ensemble on the Inc. 500 list. It was acquired by USWeb which rode the internet wave to thousands of employees and billions in market capital until that same wave hit the beach hard and USWeb crashed in 2001. It had a few name changes along the way and was Marchfirst when it met its demise. USWeb identified early in the internet evolution that business strategy, marketing and technology expertise where all needed to capitalize on internet opportunities. It was an amazing amount of diverse experience packed into a few short years. At one point John was responsible for over a dozen offices and managed Canada and the central region of the US which included over 600 employees.

He has served on numerous company boards, as a mentor at TechWildcatters and worked with multiple startup game and software companies. John has a wonderful wife and three sons that keep him very busy when he’s not working on the next great game. He spends quite a bit of his personal time as a semi-fanatical youth coach.

Kenny Newell

Kenny has been working in marketing, communications, audio production, and community management since 1993. He always had a passion for playing and collecting games. He served as the Director of Training at a private broadcasting school while covering gaming in the media and developing online communities over the last fifteen years. Kenny helped with the Word Chums social media strategy before joining the Peoplefun team full time in early 2014.